About Us

Love Belle Rainbow Belle

The Magic Belles were first sighted by good friends Luciana and Maxine, who looked up from their desks in the Luma Creative office one day to see Love Belle fluttering past their window and jingling quite excitedly.

She was on her way to spread some love in the cosy café next door (six months later the café owner and head waitress were married).

Of course, once you've seen a Magic Belle, the way you see the world changes forever - you see it through brand new eyes and notice every special wonder, no matter how big or small. The world becomes a more wonderful place, indeed!

And so, inspired by the many special wonders of the world, Luciana and Maxine decided to introduce you to their magical, musical friends - the Magic Belles.

We hope they'll help you to enjoy the special wonders of this world just as much as we do!

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