Flutters from: October 2011

Magic Belles Dresses!

We have a very exciting announcement in Bellevue this week that we’ve been longing to share with you… Our talented friend Kirsty at Wild Things Dresses is now making … more

Spotting Special Wonders!

The Magic Belles each look after one of life’s special wonders, from the twinkling stars to tiny flower buds, but how good are you at spotting those special wonders? … more

Yumi Belle

We have a flutterly lovely new friend in our Flutterbud Club today – a pretty little Butterfly Belle called Yumi, who lives very near the Amazon in the north … more

Magic Make! Paper Plate Tambourine!

The Magic Belles love music – especially jingly music! If you’ve heard their magical, musical symphony, you’ll know that they each have their own special jingle! Love Belle loves music … more

Abi Belle

We’re delighted today to have another new little friend in our Flutterbud Club! Abi is 6 years old and her favourite Magic Belle is Butterfly Belle. Abi loves clambering … more

Party Belle

We’re jingling with excitement to get these fabulous photos of our newest Flutterbud Friend, Maz, who threw a Magic Belles party for all her friends! Maz printed off our … more

Little Ladybirds!

Teeny, cute and colourful – little ladybirds are one of Butterfly Belle‘s favourite garden friends! These little beetles live all over the world and, though we think of them as … more

Win a Personalised Print!

We’re very excited here in Bellevue to be running a special competition with Netmums to win a Magic Belles personalised print! Each print is A4-sized (great for IKEA frames!) … more

Amy Belle

Say hello to lovely Amy - our newest member of the Flutterbud Club! Amy loves to visit the Magic Belles site on rainy days and spend time on our … more

Fashion Belles

These two stylish little Belles are Bruna (left) and Nina (right) from Brazil. They’re all dressed up and having fun together, and have been friends since they were just … more