Flutters from: January 2012

Mariella’s Love Belle

Lucky us! We’re getting lots of flutterly lovely art this week, like this beautiful colouring fun picture from Mariella, who is just two years old! Mariella’s favourite colour is … more

Georgia’s Bug Parade

We’re smiling today because our little friend Georgia, who is 5 years old and lives in Toronto, Canada, sent us this lovely picture of a pretty bug parade. She … more

Pretty Pebble Pals!

Our fabulous flutterbud friends Naima and Dalia sent us these wonderful photos of the Pebble Pals they made with their mummy, following the instructions in one of our Wednesday … more

Colourful Collage!

We love getting creative in Bellevue and Rainbow Belle is our resident artist! When she’s not busy painting beautiful rainbows in the skies, she’s in her little art gallery, … more

New Printable Colouring!

We love hearing from you all about how we can make our Magic Belles website even better. Recently, we’ve heard from lots of you about how much you like … more

Easy Peazy Cover Star!

We’re so excited in Bellevue today because Love Belle in is the latest issue of Easy Peazy magazine, which is out today! You can see her on the cover … more

Magic Make: Cookies!

We love it when Cupcake Belle gets busy in the kitchen, because the whole of Bellevue smells of her delicious baking! Today, she’s baking cookies – she loves to … more

Flowers For Flower Belle

Flower Belle was so excited to get this lovely flower collage in the post today! Eloise, who is six years old, saw Flower Belle’s Crocus Card last week and … more

Beautiful Beetles

The Magic Belles love looking after the special wonders of the world. Did you know that Butterfly Belle cares for little beetles as well as butterflies, bees and ladybirds? … more

Super Star Belle Art!

Here’s a lovely little picture by an even lovelier little friend, Caitlin, who is 5 years old and from Burton-Upon-Trent in England. Caitlin’s favourite Magic Belle is Cupcake Belle, … more