Flutters from: March 2012

Flutterly Lovely Rose

How cute is Rose in her little Flower Belle flutterbuds? Rose is just one year old and when she’s not snuggling up on the sofa with her cuddly toys … more

Easy Peazy Colouring Fun!

Hooray! We are so excited to be in this month’s fabulous Easy Peazy magazine again – this time, you can have fun matching the Magic Belles to their lovely … more

Butterfly Cakes!

We’ve had so many requests for Cupcake Belle’s Secret Recipe Butterfly Cakes since we launched our new story, that she has decided to share it with you! Not just … more

Bella’s Bellevue Picture

We’re so excited here in Bellevue to received this fab picture from our little friend Bella, who is 7. Bella loves our new Cupcake Belle story, where Cupcake Belle … more


This week’s Wednesday Wonder is dedicated to Love Belle‘s special little friends: lovebirds. Aren’t they adorable? Have you seen them on Love Belle‘s page? See what happens when you … more

Star Belle’s Star Facts!

Twinkle, twinkle little star… It’s so lovely watching the twinkling stars in the sky, but why do they twinkle? Are they winking at us? Star Belle lights up the … more

Star Belle by Jess!

Today we are sending a big magic-dust sprinkled thank you to our new friend Jess, who is aged 7 and lives in Lancashire! Jess has printed out all of … more