Flutters from: February 2014

Wednesday Wonder: Pancakes!

Yum yum! It‚Äôs Pancake Day next Tuesday and hip hip hooray… Cupcake Belle has been cooking up some delicious ideas for you! Pancake Day doesn‚Äôt happen all over the … more

Magic Make: Busy Beehive!

Honey bees are just one of the important garden bugs that Butterfly Belle cares for! Why not make your own little honey bee hive to care for, using soft … more

Wednesday Wonder! Valentine Verses

One of Love Belle‚Äôs favourite times of the year is Valentine‚Äôs Day, because she gets to tell her friends how much she loves them. One of the best ways … more

Magic Make: Love Belle’s Heart Bag

This cute felt bag is so easy to make and it looks just like the heart on Love Belle‘s pink dress! It‚Äôs perfect for storing little Valentine‚Äôs treats to … more

Cupcake Belle’s Chocolate Heart Cookies

Show someone special how much you love them with Cupcake Belle‘s yummy Chocolate Heart Cookies! They taste great on their own, or you can decorate them with pink strawberry-flavoured … more