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  • It was a flutterly lovely morning in Bellevue. The butterflies were fluttering,
    the flowers were blooming and there wasn't a cloud in the sky.
    The Magic Belles were busy tending to their special wonders...

  • Butterfly Belle was helping the buzzy bees make delicious honey...

  • Love Belle was playing a pretty tune on her pink heart guitar...

  • Rainbow Belle was painting a beautiful rainbow picture...

  • Cupcake Belle was adding the finishing touches to a very special cake...

  • Flower Belle was watering some beautiful flowers with her special watering can...

  • Finally, Star Belle... well, Star Belle... where was Star Belle?

  • Star Belle was fast asleep, snuggled under a cosy blanket!
    She had stayed up very late, lighting up the twinkling stars.
    What a pity that she was missing such a special and wonderful day.

  • "Let's wake her up!" said Love Belle.

  • Love Belle fluttered to Star Belle's home,
    Twinkle Towers, and jingled the door bell...
    ... but there was no reply.

  • Butterfly Belle fluttered along with her honey bee friends,
    who buzzed outside Star Belle's window...
    ... but there was no reply.

  • Flower Belle came by and jingled very loudly...
    … but there was still no reply!

  • "She must be in a very deep sleep!" chuckled Flower Belle.

  • Just then, Rainbow Belle and Cupcake Belle fluttered by.

  • "Is she still asleep?" asked Rainbow Belle.

  • "Yes!" said Butterfly Belle, "She's missing such a special day!"

  • The Magic Belles decided to perform a magical,
    musical symphony right outside Twinkle Towers.

  • They held hands, fluttered a pretty dance and jingled in harmony together.

  • As they jingled, Star Belle appeared. She had a big smile on her face.

  • Her friends all stopped and cheered: "Happy Birthday Star Belle!"

  • They let go of each other's hands
    and behind them appeared a wonderful birthday picnic.
    Each Magic Belle had a lovely present for Star Belle, too!

  • There was a special song from Love Belle, a basket of pretty blooms from Flower Belle,
    a jar of honey from Butterfly Belle, a beautiful rainbow picture from Rainbow Belle,
    and a yummy birthday cake from Cupcake Belle

  • Star Belle was very happy that her friends had woken her up.

  • After all, she wouldn't want to sleep through a day
    as special and wonderful as her birthday, would she?
    The End