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  • This is Cupcake Belle's lovely home, Cupcake Chalet.

  • The kitchen of Cupcake Chalet is a very yummy place to be.

  • It's where Cupcake Belle makes delicious
    treats, like cakes, cookies and pies.
    She's always baking something scrumptious in her kitchen!

  • This afternoon, Cupcake Belle had been baking some
    new yummy delights from her secret recipe book!
    She had just put them by the window to cool down.

  • She decided to go for a flutter around Bellevue while she waited.

  • She fluttered by Butterfly Belle's garden,
    where she found her friend looking a bit puzzled.

  • "Are you okay?" asked Cupcake Belle.

  • "I'm very worried," said Butterfly Belle.
    I can't find my butterfly friends anywhere!"

  • "They usually visit my garden to sip sweet nectar from my flowers,
    but I haven't seen them all day!"

  • Cupcake Belle hadn't seen the butterflies either,
    so the two Magic Belles set off together to find them.

  • They fluttered here... They fluttered there...

  • But they couldn't find the butterflies anywhere!

  • Cupcake Belle felt very sorry for her friend, so she
    invited her to Cupcake Chalet for some afternoon
    tea before they started the search again.

  • When they got there, Cupcake Belle noticed
    something was moving on her kitchen windowsill.
    It looked like her secret recipe cupcakes had come to life!

  • When she looked closer, do you know what she saw?
    The butterflies from Butterfly Belle's garden were sitting
    on her cupcakes, sipping the sweet icing!

  • The cakes looked so pretty!

  • "There you are!" jingled Butterfly Belle to her fluttery friends.
    "Those cakes must taste good," she laughed.

  • "It's my new secret recipe!" smiled Cupcake Belle.
    "I wasn't sure what to call these cakes, but
    now I think I'll have to call them Butterfly Cakes!"

  • The happy butterflies fluttered away,
    and the two friends spent the afternoon testing
    Cupcake Belle's new Butterfly Cakes.

  • Of course, they were really very yummy indeed!

    The End