Clever Crafty Butterflies

Naima’s Butterfly

How lovely are these butterflies, sent in to us by our special Flutterbud Friends, Naima and Dalia? Butterfly Belle adores them! They almost look like our favourite Glasswing Butterflies don’t they?

To make them, their clever mummy taped sticky-backed plastic (sticky side up) to a table and drew on a butterfly outline. Naima and Dalia then covered the sticky plastic with lots of colourful, crafty things, like beads, feathers and sparkly paper.

Dalia’s Butterfly

When they were finished, another sheet of sticky plastic was stuck on top and their mummy cut out the butterfly, then made pipe cleaner bodies and antennae!

We love them! Well done to Naima, Dalia and their mummy – and thank you for sharing your picture. Lots of love from Butterfly Belle xxx

P.S. Don’t forget, we love to see your art here in Bellevue – email it in and we’ll put it in our Flutterbud Club!

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