Magda’s Fairy Village

Magda’s Fab Fairy Village

Every now and then, we get a picture through the fairy postbox that makes us jingle so loudly with joy that the whole of Bellevue is filled with magical music – and this is one of those lovely pictures!

Magda, who is 4 years old and from Italy, worked very hard to make a whole Magic Belles village and you can see Flower Belle‘s house, Blossom Lodge, and Rainbow Belle‘s house, Pot of Gold Place, above. Isn’t it wonderful? Thank you so much, Magda - we think you are brilliant and the Magic Belles will be fluttering by soon to sprinkle some of their magic dust! You made it look so nice – just like Bellevue where they live.

Lots of fairy hugs and love to you, Magda, from your fairy friends, the Magic Belles xxx

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