Super Star Belle Art

Here’s a lovely little picture by an even lovelier little friend, Caitlin, who is 5 years old and from Burton-Upon-Trent in England. Caitlin’s favourite Magic Belle is Cupcake Belle, because she likes baking fairy cakes with her big sister, but she loves Star Belle‘s house, Twinkle Towers, most of all, because it looks all glowy!

Caitlin says she’d like to visit Twinkle Towers one day and take Star Belle some fairy cakes. That’s very nice, Caitlin! We’re sure that Star Belle and Cupcake Belle would be very happy to see you!

Thank you so much for your beautiful drawing - we love it! Have a flutterly lovely week from the Magic Belles in Bellevue xxx

Star Belle and Twinkle Towers by Caitlin

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