Magic Make: Stained Glass Butterflies

The finished butterfly

Wouldn’t it be lovely to see some bright butterflies fluttering around your garden right now?

But it’s winter and most of the colourful butterflies are hiding away! Don’t worry though - you can make your own, with Butterfly Belle‘s help!

Her beautiful stained glass butterflies are sure to brighten up your windows and your day, too. Here’s how to make them!

Download the butterflies

Butterfly Belle’s Stained-Glass Butterflies

You need:

Our Butterfly Template to print out
Colourful sweetie wrappers (or tissue paper if you haven’t got any)
Glue or double-sided sticky tape

Ready to go

    • Print out the templates and ask a grown-up to carefully cut out the butterfly shape - inside the wings as well as outside.
    • Take your coloured sweetie wrappers and trim them to fit each section of the wings and body.
    • Glue around each shape on the white side of the butterfly and stick your trimmed wrappers to it.
    • Keep going until you’ve filled in each section.

Sticking down a wrapper

  • When the glue has dried, use the sticky tack to stick your colourful butterfly to a sunny window and see how bright and cheerful it looks!

TIP: When the sun is out, look for where the shadow of your butterflies fall for an extra pretty colourful surprise!

We hope you have great fun making these!
Love and magic dust from the Magic Belles!

Butterfly Belle’s Bright Stained Glass Butterflies

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