Magic Make: Fairy House

Magic Belles Fairy House

We get lots of lovely emails from Flutterbud Friends asking how they can get the Magic Belles to flutter by to see them.

Well, the answer is that the Magic Belles love visiting you all and they flutter by as often as they can, when they’re not tending to the Special Wonders they look after! But there are some clever ways you can attract the Magic Belles, including making your own magical Fairy House! Would you like to make one? Here’s how to do it - you’ll need an adult to help you!

Make a Magic Belles Fairy House

You need:

Cardboard box or wide tube
Strong card
Toilet paper roll
Paper, pencil and pencil crayons
Scissors and/or craft knife
Sticky tape
PVA glue
Gems and foil
Leaves or petals
Cotton wool
Twigs and moss

Can you see a Magic Belle in there?

  • Use your pencil to draw the door and windows on your cardboard box or tube and cut them out with scissors or a craft knife. Cut off the top of the box to make it open, then strengthen the sides with sticky tape if needed.
  • To make the the roof, cut a slit halfway across a sheet of strong card and curve the card into a cone shape. Make sure it fits on the top of your box, then stick the overlapping card down to secure the cone. Trim around the edge to make it round.
  • Take a toilet paper roll and cut off one end at an angle so that it can sit on the sloping cone roof. Stick it to the roof with tape to make a chimney.
  • Now your Fairy House is ready to decorate! Start with the inside - design your own fairy wallpaper by drawing pictures or patterns on paper, then glue the paper to the walls.
  • Fairies love shiny things, so if you have some gems, stick them to the walls, too, and fold some foil into a small square to make a mirror!
  • Cover the floor of your Fairy House with soft and velvety leaves or petals.
  • A matchbox makes a perfect fairy bed – fill it with cotton wool so that the Magic Belles can have a lovely nap!
  • Add any other lovely things you think the Magic Belles will like. We put two walnut shells in our house and hid little sweeties inside!
  • To decorate the outside, brush your house with PVA glue and stick a big gem above the door to make it look extra pretty.
  • Stick on twigs to make the outside walls – do this for your toilet paper roll chimney, too. Flatter twigs are easier to stick down.
  • Brush the roof of your Fairy House with more PVA glue and stick on your moss, but make sure the moss has dried out first.
  • Finish with a little sign to let the Magic Belles know that this is for them - ours says ‘Fairies Welcome!’.

Put your Magic Belles Fairy House somewhere sheltered or keep it in your house. You can add all kinds of special things to make it the best Fairy House ever! What about a pine cone by the door, a feather in the chimney or flowers on the roof? Don’t forget to make an offering of some sweeties, too – that’s a brilliant way to attract fairies! We’d love to see your fairy houses and find out whether the Magic Belles came to visit you! Drop us a line and let us know!

With love and magic dust from your fairy friends, the Magic Belles in Bellevue xxx

1. The smaller your cardboard box, the less twig-sticking you’ll have to do!
2. If you want to keep your Fairy House outdoors, line the base and the cone roof with a sheet of plastic before you start decorating.
3. Little twigs with a V shape at the end make brilliant window frames!

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