Printable: Valentine’s Vouchers

Love Belle’s Valentine Vouchers

Do you want to give someone a special gift this Valentine’s Day? Do you know what is the best gift of all? Not flowers or chocolate or cupcakes or even diamond rings… Love Belle thinks that the most special gift you can give someone is a hug, a cuddle or a kiss on the cheek, and we agree!

That’s why Love Belle has made some flutterly lovely Valentine’s Vouchers just for you – sweet little I.O.U cards that you can give out to someone you love. Just download them, print them off and give them to your friends and family to make them grin from ear to ear!

Who will you give your cosy snuggle to? Wishing you lots of love and magic dust – and don’t forget to look out for Love Belle this Thursday! She’s going to be very busy indeed. xxx

I.O.U. A Kiss on the cheek!

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