Printable: Lovely Lavender Sachet

Lovely Lavender

It’s pretty, it’s purple and it smells fab! Lavender is one of the many special and wonderful flowers in Flower Belle‘s garden.

She grows it because her bee and butterfly friends love its sweet nectar – and because lavender honey tastes very delicious!

Lavender’s lovely perfume also makes you feel nice and sleepy, which is why it’s used in relaxing bubble baths.

Flower Belle likes to pick lavender flowers and dry them out, then she puts them in little pots around her house to make each room smell nice. Or she makes mini lavender sachets, which she puts near her pillow to help her get to sleep at night.

Make Flower Belle’s Lavender Sachet!

Flower Belle's Lavender Sachet

You need:

Flower Belle’s Sachet Template (download it here!)
Glue and glue brush
Dried lavender

  • Ask a grown-up to cut out the sachet.
  • Rest the envelope on a pillow and ask your grown-up helper to prick some holes in the front of the sachet (the centre of each daisy is perfect) to let the lavender scent escape
  • Fold over flaps A and B along the dotted lines.
  • Brush along the edges of A and B with glue, then stick down flap C.
  • Fill the envelope with lovely dried lavender.
  • Now, fold over and glue down flap D.
  • When your envelope is dry, put it on your bedside table to help you have sweet and magic dreams!

Why not tie a pretty bow around it and give to someone you love? Have fun! xxx

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