Printable: Star Belle Wish Hanger

Star Belle’s Wish Hanger

Star light, star bright, first star I see tonight. I wish I may, I wish I might, have the wish I wish tonight… Do you ever make wishes when you go to bed? Why don’t you write a special wish to Star Belle and her fairy friends, the Magic Belles? You could even print a new Wish Hanger and make a new wish every week!

Just print out, decorate and write on this sweet Star Belle Wish Hanger and you can hang it by your bed at night.

Remember, if you wish upon a star, your dreams may come true! Here’s how to make it…

What you need

You need:

Printable Wish Hanger
Hole punch (optional)
Felt-tips or coloured pencils
Glitter (optional)
Pen or pencil
Pretty ribbon

  • Print out our Wish Hanger and glue it to the cardboard to make it stronger.
  • Cut around the hanger and, if you like, ask an adult to help you punch a hole through the top.
  • Use felt-tip pens or coloured pencils, glitter and any other bits you like to decorate it.
  • Now write your wish on it - wish for something special and lovely!
  • Thread the ribbon through the hole and make a loop to hang it up with – or just hang the hanger over your doorknob or bed post and tie a pretty ribbon around it.

Fairy Tip
Why not print a few Star Belle Wish Hangers and make some for your friends to decorate, too? Share the fun and magic!

Happy fairy wishes to you, Flutterbud Friends! The Magic Belles hope all of your wishes come true! We’d love to see your pretty Wish Hangers, so email your photos to us and we’ll post them here for everyone to see!

Love and magic dust from Star Belle and the Magic Belles xxx

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