Special Wonder: Brilliant Bunnies

Fluffy Bunny Friends

Have you met our Bellevue bunnies? Lovely Bunny is a great friend of Flower Belle and often hops over to visit Love Belle, who loves pets and is everyone’s best friend! She has some fun facts to share about these special animal friends…

  • Rabbits are small mammals that live in most parts of the world. You’ll find them in woods, grasslands and meadows.
  • They live together in groups in underground burrows. A group of burrows is called a warren.
  • Rabbits are herbivores - this means they only eat grass and vegetation.
  • Their long ears are good for hearing other creatures in the wild – especially animals who want to hunt them, like foxes.
  • There are millions of wild rabbits, but for years, people have kept them as pets, too. You can keep pet rabbits in your house or they can live in your garden, in hutches.
  • Rabbits are most active when the sun comes up at dawn and when it’s setting, at dusk. They spend a lot of time sleeping during the day.

Caring for Bunnies

Would you like to have a pet rabbit? Read Love Belle’s tips for looking after them.

Hello Lovely Bunny!

Furry friends
Rabbits love to be with their friends, just like we do, so it’s good to get two or three bunnies - no one likes to be lonely or bored!

Play time!
A very large hutch with a run is great for pet bunnies. Think about how much room rabbits have to run around in the wild – they like a lot of space to hop about!

Cosy up
As well as hopping around, rabbits like to have somewhere to hide if they feel anxious and to snuggle up to sleep, so make sure they have a special nook in their hutch.

Fluffy bunny food
Rabbits’ teeth grow throughout their whole lives, so they need to do plenty of chewing and grinding to keep them worn down. The main part of their diet should be good quality hay or grass – a pile at least the same size as their bodies every day. They also need fresh, clean water every day.

Parent’s note: If you are considering getting rabbits as family pets, you can find more useful information on the Bluecross website.

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