Special Wonder: Magical Mistletoe

Christmas Mistletoe!

We love this week’s Special Wonder from Love Belle, because it’s all about Christmas kisses!

Do you have some mistletoe in your house this Christmas? It has smooth green leaves and pearly white berries, and it grows on trees. In many countries, it’s traditional to hang a bunch in your house and, if you meet someone under the mistletoe, then you give them a kiss on the cheek!

A Cute Christmas Tag From Love Belle

Love Belle loves to spread hugs, cuddles and kisses, so when she sees mistletoe hanging up, she gets very jingly indeed!

We hope you have some hanging up in your house but, if not, don’t worry! You can pass on a kiss with Love Belle‘s cute mistletoe gift tags instead! All you have do is download them, print them out and stick them to your Christmas pressies!

We wish you a very merry, very jingly Christmas! Lots of love and magic dust from the Magic Belles in Bellevue. xxx

P.S. Have you seen our jingly Christmas Sing-A-Long, too?

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