Special Wonder: Musical Rain

Splishy Splashy Puddles

Rainy days don’t have to spoil your fun – grab your mac, listen to the rain making music and try Love Belle’s fun splashy activities! We love a bit of rain in Bellevue! Find out why here…

Fun Facts

  • Rain comes from the water on the earth’s surface – heat makes the water from our oceans, lakes and rivers evaporate and rise up into the sky.
  • This water get cooler as it rises and forms clouds of water droplets. When the clouds get heavy, the water droplets fall back down to earth as rain!
  • The water droplets can also fall down as slushy sleet, icy hail or fluffy snow. They all make different sounds as they fall from the sky and hit the ground or the buildings around us.
  • Rain is important because it gives the plants and flowers something to drink!
  • Love Belle is Bellevue’s most talented musician and she thinks that nature is filled with magical music, especially when it rains! Try her rainy day activities and you’ll find out why.

Love Belle’s Rainy Day Activities

Let’s play in the rain!


  • Make a splash by jumping in some puddles! Make sure you wear some wellies, though. What noise do your wellies make in the water? Can you splish, splash and splosh?
  • Go for a walk in the park. Run and walk on different surfaces. What kinds of sounds do your wellies make on the wet soil or mud, grass and pavement?
  • Make your own rain orchestra! Gather a few different kinds of containers, like plastic tubs, your pet’s metal food bowl or a saucepan. Place them outside to catch the rain and listen to the different sounds each one makes as the rain falls into them.
  • If you’re near a pond or stream, notice the noise the rain makes as it falls on to the water? Is it hard or soft? Can you hear it plip plop?


  • Use your fingertips to drum against different furniture surfaces and make your own pitter-patter rain sounds. Try wooden surfaces, metal surfaces, the window and fabric, too. What works best?
  • Listen to the rain falling on your windows, walls or roof. How does it sound? How does it make you feel? Is it soft and soothing or hard and loud?
  • What kind of animal does the sound of the rain remind you of? Does it sound like little mice scuttling about, galloping horses or maybe a big, roaring lion?
  • See if you can make up a song or poem with rain sounds, like splish, splosh, plip, plop, drop, drop and pitter, patter. Can you think of any more words that sounds like the rain?

We hope you have some magical, musical fun with rain – do let us know if you think up some lovely new rainy words or poems. We’d love to hear them! With love from the Magic Belles in Bellevue xxx

Parent note: Join in these activities with your child. Ask how the rain sounds make them feel and what does it make them think of or imagine? This is a great exercise to encourage creativity and expression and to help develop observational skills.

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