Special Wonder: Orange Pumpkins

Bright Orange Pumpkins

October is all about the colour orange (and not just the colour of autumn leaves), Flower Belle has the perfect orange wonder for you – pumpkins! They’re not just for Halloween! Find out more about them here…

  • Pumpkins are actually a fruit because they contain seeds, but they are often cooked as vegetables because of their savoury flavour. Pumpkin pie is a traditional recipe served at Thanksgiving dinners in America.
  • Pumpkins are part of the squash family. Other squash plants include marrows and courgettes.
  • Pumpkins are usually orange but they can sometimes be red, yellow, green, and even white!
  • A friendly pumpkin

  • The tradition of carving pumpkins for Halloween was started in America by Irish people who moved there many years ago. It was an old custom to carve faces into root vegetables, but when the Irish moved to America, they found that pumpkins we’re much easier to carve! Carved pumpkins are called Jack-o’-Lanterns.
  • There are lots of funny or friendly faces you can carve into pumpkins – some towns even have competitions to find the best pumpkin carvings! There are also competitions to find out who has grown the biggest pumpkin!
  • Pretty pumpkin flower

  • One of the reasons that Flower Belle loves to grow pumpkins is because of their beautiful flowers. Did you know that you can eat them? She also likes Cupcake Belle‘s delicious pumpkin soup!

Now that you’ve learnt about pumpkins, why don’t you look for a local pumpkin patch and pick your own? Contact your local pick-your-own farm or visit Pumpkin Patches and More to find your nearest one.

When you’ve got them, why not have a mini pumpkin hunt, play pumpkin bowling or decorate them? Rainbow Belle has some lovely ideas for you here!

Love and magic dust from Flower Belle and friends

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