Magic Make: Snowy Butterflies

A Dainty Wood White

It may be too cold for butterflies now, but Butterfly Belle wants you to meet one of her butterfly friends – the Wood White. She loves these little white butterflies because they remind of her snowflakes. In fact, she sometimes calls them ‘summer snowflakes’. Isn’t that lovely?

Wood Whites are dainty butterflies that flutter very slowly, like they’re drifting on a gentle breeze – just like snowflakes! Butterfly Belle loves to dance around with them! Sadly, they’re so delicate, they’re becoming very rare.

There’s another kind of white butterfly that Butterfly Belle loves – the Snowflake Butterfly. It’s pure white, very tiny and it lives in the Amazon rainforest. It’s a lot like the pretty Wood White, and has a slow and dainty flutter, too.

All these snowy white butterflies inspired Butterfly Belle today to make her own butterfly version of a Christmas wreath! Here’s how to make one…

Snowy Butterfly Wreath

You need:

Plates in different sizes
Coloured card
A4 white paper
Glue or double-sided sticky tape

  • Place a plate on your coloured card, draw around it, then cut around the circle. Put a smaller plate in the centre of the circle, draw around it and cut that out, too. You should be left with a ring of card.
  • Cut an A4 sheet of white paper in half, then fold the two halves in half.
  • Draw half a small butterfly on the paper fold and cut around it.
  • When you open the paper out, you should have a perfect butterfly. Cut out lots more small butterflies in the same way.
  • Use glue or sticky tape to stick them to all around your wreath. Stick them on facing different directions, so they look flutterly lovely.

If you love butterflies as much as Butterfly Belle does, put this in your room as a Christmas decoration – you could even add some sparkly glitter!

We hope you have fun making a Snowy Butterfly Wreath. We’d love to see your decorations, so don’t forget to email them in!

Love and magic dust from the Magic Belles in Bellevue xxx

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