Super Supernova

Supernova Explosion

Star Belle has shown us how stars are born, but they can die in a spectacular way that lights up the sky. The death of a star like this is called a supernova. Let’s find out more…

Fun Facts

  • When some stars reach the end of their lives, they run out of fuel and start to collapse in on themselves. This causes a giant, bright explosion called a supernova.
  • The explosion is so bright, it can take weeks for the light from the supernova to fade away.
  • Bits of the exploded star fly off into space. This stardust can travel up to 25,000 miles and contains important elements that go on to form new stars or planets.
  • Almost everything on the planet Earth came from stardust shot out across the galaxy by a supernova.
  • It’s very hard to see supernovas in our own galaxy, because dust blocks our view, so scientists use special telescopes to look for them in other galaxies.

Shoebox Supernova

Make a Shoebox Supernova!

To make your own glittery supernova, you need:

Shoe box
Black paint
Shiny paper
Mini star sequins
Cotton and scissors (optional)

  • Paint the inside of your shoebox black and let it dry.
  • Take your glue stick and paint a spiral on the inside of the box with glue.
  • While it’s still wet, sprinkle glitter over it and stick on lots of mini star sequins. Let it dry, then tap the box to remove the unstuck glitter.
  • If you like, cut some bigger stars out of shiny paper and hang them from the top of the box using cotton.

Now you have your own Shoebox Supernova to light up the corner of your room! With love and stardust from the Magic Belles xxx

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