Special Wonder: Star Facts!

Star Belle’s Star-Gazing Dome

Twinkle, twinkle little star… It’s so lovely watching the twinkling stars in the sky, but why do they twinkle? Are they winking at us?

Star Belle lights up the stars every night, so she knows all their secrets! Here are some fun facts to get you star-gazing just like Star Belle does:

1. Why do stars twinkle? Stars twinkle because their light has to travel very far to reach us. On its journey, it moves through space into Earth’s atmosphere, and gets blown about along the way. This is what makes stars look twinkly, like they’re dancing in the sky!

2. Are stars silver? Though stars look sparkly and silver to us, they actually come in lots of colours. They can be yellow, orange, red, dark red, blue, white and even brown.

3. How many stars are there in the night sky? Do you think there’s 50? 100? 500? No! There are millions, billions and trillions of stars. In fact, there are so many, nobody can count them all – we can only guess! Phew… that’s why it takes Star Belle a long time to light them!

4. Do stars have names? Many stars have their own special names, but different types of stars have names to describe how they look – small young stars are called Dwarf Stars, big old stars are called Giants, and the largest stars are called Supergiants! It sounds like something from a starry fairytale!

Star Belle

Now that you’ve learnt about stars, why not colour in this lovely picture of Star Belle? Make sure some of her stars are yellow and orange, and some are blue and red! Why not add glitter and make them twinkle, too?

Have fun and don’t forget to do some star-gazing this week! Love and sparkly magic dust from the Magic Belles in Bellevue. xxx

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