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Magic Belles: Magic Music (mobile app) is certified by the kidSAFE Seal Program.
  • Welcome to the Magic Belles Magic Music app for iPad and iPhone, featuring 7 magical, musical mini games for you to enjoy!
  • Tap Rainbow Belle's Rainbow to fill up the paint pots, then tap on a pot to select a colour and colour in her mushrooms.
  • Tap Cupcake Belle's basket and drag yummy treats onto the picnic blanket to make a musical picnic.
  • Find and tap all the butterflies to see Butterfly Belle perform a special dance for you.
  • Tap the watering can or flower stalks to help Flower Belle's garden grow, then drag the flowers to her basket.
  • Tap the numbers in the correct order to complete Star Belle's twinkly dot-to-dot challenges.
  • Tap the bells on and off to make your own groovy tune on Love Belle's pink heart guitar.
  • Drag a Magic Belle onto any star on the podium and she'll perform for you. Drag on all six and you'll hear a magical symphony.
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