Bake: Polka Dot Marshmallows

Polka Dot Marshmallows

Not everything in Cupcake Belle‘s secret recipe book needs to be baked… sometimes she likes to make sweet treats that are quick and easy, and look pretty, too! Just like these colourful Polka Dot Marshmallows, which are sure to brighten up your day.

Marshmallows are one of Cupcake Belle‘s favourite treats – you might have guessed it, as she also used them to make delicious Cupcake Flowers earlier this year. Here are some fun things you can do with marshmallows…

  1. Toast them! Ask an adult helper to spear a marshmallow on the end of a fork or barbecue skewer and toast them on a camp fire until they’re soft and gooey. This is great fun to do on Bonfire Night in the UK.
  2. Turn them into Halloween skulls! Ask an adult helper to cut across big white marshmallows with a knife to make a mouth, then use black writing icing to make two dots for each skull’s eyes!
  3. As a special treat, squirt cream on top of your hot chocolate and sprinkle mini marshmallows all over the top.
  4. Even better, spear big marshmallows on a fork, then dip them into melted chocolate - yum! Or why not dip them into colourful candy melts?
  5. Best of all, make Cupcake Belle‘s Polka Dot Marshmallows, as shown above! They’re so easy – just dip the ends of big marshmallows in normal runny glacĂ© icing (icing sugar mixed with a little water) or melted white chocolate and while the icing or chocolate is still wet and sticky, dip the marshmallows into a bowl of sprinkles. Cupcake Belle used confetti sprinkles, but this works with any small sprinkles, coloured sugar or even coconut flakes!

You could also spear them onto the end of a cake pop stick and turn them into marshmallow pops! Marshmallows are lots of fun to decorate and we hope you enjoy them making and eating them as much as we did.

Cupcake Belle would love to see your marshmallow creations, so don’t forget to send in your pics and we’ll post them here in the Flutterbud Club!

Love and magic dust from Cupcake Belle‘s kitchen in Cupcake Chalet xxx

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