Bake: Yummy Pancakes

Strawberries and Ice Cream Pancake

Yum yum! It’s Pancake Day next Tuesday and hip hip hooray… Cupcake Belle has been cooking up some delicious ideas for you!

Pancake Day doesn’t happen all over the world, so you may be wondering what it is. It’s also known as Shrove Tuesday and is the day before Lent – a time when people used to ‘fast’ (eat less food) for 40 days.

This meant they had to use up the food in their cupboards, so ingredients like eggs, flour, butter and sugar were turned into pancakes!

Today, Pancake Day is a day of scrumptious treats and lots of fun. Some people take part in pancake races, where they run along the street flipping pancakes as they go! In Bellevue, we prefer to eat them, so here are five flutterly lovely pancake ideas from Cupcake Belle:

Banana Caramel Fudge Pancake

  • Strawberries with Strawberry Ice Cream - scoop strawberry ice cream onto your pancake, fold it up and make pretty patterns along the top with sliced strawberries.
  • Banana Caramel Fudge - slice up a banana, spread it over your pancake, pour caramel sauce over the top and a sprinkle with mini fudge chunks. Delicious!
  • Nutella Pancake Sandwiches – use cookie cutters to cut your pancakes into heart, star or flower shapes, spread over the top of one pancake shape with nutella and sandwich a matching pancake shape on top!
  • Funny Fruity Faces – make a round pancake and decorate it with fruit to look like a funny face. Use blueberries for the eyes and hair, a raspberry for the nose and banana slices for the smile.
  • Rainbow Sprinkles – pour the pancake batter into the pan and add a handful of sprinkles or hundreds and thousands for super colourful rainbow pancakes! Serve with a scoop of vanilla ice cream.

We hope you have fun making and flipping your pancakes - let us know which flavour was your favourite! Love and magic dust from Cupcake Belle and friends in Bellevue xxx

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