Magic Make: Christmas Star

We love Christmas!

It’s a Christmas tradition in Bellevue and in lots of places all over the world to put a pretty, sparkly Christmas star at the top of the Christmas tree.

Every year, Star Belle uses her magic starlighter and some magic dust from her handbag to make a magical star appear at the top of our tree, which twinkles all through the Christmas holiday.

She doesn’t have enough time to light all the stars in the sky and decorate all the trees in the world, but she does have a fab idea so that you can have a star as beautiful as our star in Bellevue! Here it is…

Twinkly Star

Make a Christmas Star!

You need

A polystyrene foam ball
Thin wooden craft sticks
White paint
Silver glitter glue
Glue brush
Silver star sequins

  • Paint the polystyrene ball with glitter glue, then leave it to dry.
  • Now paint the craft sticks white, coat them with glitter glue and stick a silver star sequin on the end of each one.
  • When the ball and sticks are dry, sink the end of each stick into the ball – about 5 to 10mm deep – placing them randomly around the ball.
  • When you’ve finished, add a little more glitter to make sure your star is super shiny, then place it at the top of your tree!

Star Belle will be sure to come and give it an extra sprinkling of magic dust!

We hope you enjoy making your Christmas star! Why not print out some Magic Belles Christmas Cards, too? Lots of love from Star Belle and all her friends in Bellevue. xxx

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