Magic Make: Beetle Brooch

Pretty Jewel Bug

The Magic Belles love looking after the special wonders of the world. Did you know that Butterfly Belle cares for little beetles as well as butterflies, bees and ladybirds?

Her favourites are shiny jewel beetles. They’re called jewel beetles because of their bright and amazing colours. Look at this one – it’s so pretty!

There are thousands of different types of jewel beetle and they live in many countries all over the world. Because they’re so beautiful, some people use their wings to make jewellery – but this makes Butterfly Belle sad. That’s why she had the idea to make beautiful beetle brooches using colourful sweetie wrappers! Find out how to make your own…

Beautiful Beetle Brooches

Make a Beautiful Beetle Brooch

You need:

White card
Quality Street cellophane wrappers
Glue stick
Sequins and gems
Googly eyes
Sticky pads or glue dots

  • Cut a circle and an almond shape out of white card.
  • Cut two almond or half moon shapes out of a coloured sweet wrapper to make wings.
  • Dulcie's Bug Brooch

  • Glue a wrapper onto the card circle and a different coloured wrapper onto the almond shape. Trim them both to the same size as the card.
  • Glue the wings onto the body and glue the head on top of the wings.
  • Decorate your beetle with sparkly sequins and pretty gems.
  • Finish off with googly eyes and a smile, then stick on your brooch using sticky pads or glue dots!

Have fun making your beetle brooch - and don’t forget to email us a picture! Love from the Magic Belles xxx

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