Magic Make: Easy Paper Pumpkins

Super Easy Paper Pumpkins

Do you have a Halloween party coming up – or an autumn party? Our easy Paper Pumpkins make great decorations! You can make them as big or as small as you like to decorate the room or your party table – and you can even pop a name card in the top and use them as place holders! Here’s how to make them…

What you need

Easy Paper Pumpkins

You need:

8 sheets of A4 orange paper
Glue or double-sided sticky tape
Brown card or craft foam
Green pipe cleaners

  • Fold your orange paper in half and, at the bottom edge of the paper at the fold, cut out a half pumpkin shape (a half circle with a flat bottom!).
  • Use this as your template and fold more orange sheets of paper in half. Cut around this template so that you get the same shape each time.
  • Cut as many folded half pumpkins as you can from your orange paper.
  • Paper Pumpkin

    Make a Paper Pumpkin!

  • Use glue or double-sided sticky tape to stick two folded pumpkins together.
  • Keep sticking the pumpkin halves together to make a full circle of them – and a paper pumpkin! Fan them out a bit if they’ve got squashed together.
  • To finish, cut a stalk from brown card or craft foam and glue it to the top of a pumpkin, then curl up a green pipe cleaner and stick that to the top, too.

You don’t have to make your Paper Pumpkins in orange paper – why not use polka dot paper, old comics or even spooky gift wrap? They’re sure to make your party look brilliant!

We hope you have fun making them and look out for more pumpkin decoration ideas from Rainbow Belle and friends this week! xxx

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