Magic Make: Fairy Christmas Tree

Felt Fairy Christmas Tree

Why not make a cute fairy-sized Christmas tree decorated with tiny colourful bunting for your friends, the Magic Belles? It will look lovely in your bedroom - and they might just come to visit you to see it! Here’s how to make it…

What you need

Make a Mini Christmas Tree

You need:

A4 green card
Sparkly green felt
Sticky tape
Small squares of fabric or paper in rainbow colours
String or thread
Sparkly card or big star sequin

  • Curve the two short ends of your A4 card around to make a cone shape and either staple it or tape it in place.
  • Take your piece of sparkly green felt, wrap it around the cone, then staple or tape it in place at the back.
  • Fold your squares of colourful fabric or paper in half, then cut out lots of triangles along the folded lines.
  • Fold and stick each triangle along the length of a piece of string or thread, alternating the colours as you go to make a pretty bunting garland.
  • Wrap the mini bunting around the tree from top to bottom and tape it in place.
  • Now stick a star to the top of your tree – either cut one out from sparkly card or use a shiny sequin!

Our Mini Christmas Tree has teeny fairy bunting, but you could also decorate it with mini pom-poms to look like baubles, or you could use sequins in lots of different colours. The Magic Belles love sparkly trees! Why not make lots of mini Christmas trees and turn them into a special display?

We hope you have lots of fun making this – with love, glitter and magic dust from the Magic Belles in Christmassy Bellevue xxx

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