Magic Make: Fairy Tea Set

Acorn Fairy Tea Set

Acorn Fairy Tea Set

Make this tiny tea set and invite the Magic Belles round for a cute fairy tea party! Here’s how to make it…

Make a Magic Belles Acorn Fairy Tea Set

You need:

Acorn caps, big and small
Colourful felt
Paper (optional)
PVA glue
Sticky tack
Glitter, gems and sequins

  • Paint the inside of four large acorn caps and leave them to dry. We painted cute polka dots on ours, too!
  • Paint the inside of three smaller acorn caps – these can be the sugar bowl and bowls for sweet fairy treats.
  • From your colourful felt, cut out four flowers for your fairy teacups to sit on. You could draw a paper flower template to help you.
  • Also cut out two narrow strips of felt about 2 to 3mm wide. Cut the two narrow strips in half across the middle to make four strips.
  • Dab a bit of glue on the side of one acorn cap near the top. Fold the top of one felt strip down and stick it to the side. Dab a little more glue near the bottom of the cap and stick the other end of the strip in place to make a handle. Do this for each teacup.
  • To make a mini tea bag, shape a teeny bit of sticky tack into a triangle shape. Paint it yellow or brown.
  • Cut out a tiny leaf shape from green felt and ask an adult to help you sew a bit of thread through the centre and make a knot. Stick the other end of the thread to the painted tea bag.
  • Fill your sugar bowl with sparkly glitter and fill your other bowls with magical fairy treats, like gems and sequins, or tiny sweeties.

Arrange your Acorn Fairy Tea Set on a piece of material or felt and send out your fairy invitations - you can even print out Magic Belles invitations! May you could bake some of Cupcake Belle‘s delicious treats, too?

We hope you have a fun time collecting your acorns and turning them into tiny teacups – and even more fun hosting your fairy tea party! Don’t forget to email us your pictures!

Wishing you love and magic dust from your fairy friends, the Magic Belles! xxx

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