Magic Make: Star Belle’s Owls

Star Belle’s owl friends have a chat!

Look closely at Star Belle‘s page and you’ll see her friend Wise Owl sitting on a branch. He often flutters through the sky with her when she’s lighting up the twinkling stars – they’re great friends! If you download our brilliant app, you can even make Wise Owl fly!

Wise Owl

For our latest Magic Make, we thought we’d show you how to make a Wise Owl puppet to play with. Here’s how…

Make a Wise Owl Puppet

You need:

Round things to draw around
Patterned paper
PVA glue and glue brush
Toilet paper tube
Craft foam or card in brown, yellow, black and white

  • Choose something round to draw around (like a 2p coin) and place it on the back of your patterned paper. Draw around it lots of times, then cut out the circles.
  • Brush PVA glue all over your toilet paper tube and stick patterned circles all over it.
  • From the same patterned paper, cut out two triangles and stick them to the top of the tube to look like ears.
  • Cut two big almond shapes from brown craft foam or card and stick one to each side of the tube to make wings.
  • Cut out two thin triangles and one big triangle from yellow craft foam or card. Stick the big triangle to the front of the tube in the centre.
  • Cut out two big brown circles, two smaller white circles and two even smaller black circles. Stick a black circle to the centre of each white circle and a white circle to the middle of each big brown circle to make eyes. Stick these to the front of the tube, just above the beak.
  • To finish, give your Wise Owl wise eyebrow feathers by sticking the two thin yellow triangles above its eyes.

Put your hand inside the tube and take your Wise Owl on an adventure through the night sky with Star Belle. Why not making him a colourful friend like the one shown above, so they can Twit and Twoo together when Star Belle lights up a new star?

We hope you have fun making him and wish you a flutterly lovely week of fairy fun and magic dust from the Magic Belles in Bellevue! xxx

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