Magic Make: Candy Cane Cuties

Candy Cane Cuties

Learn how to turn the Magic Belles fluffy friends Pretty Kitten and Little Mouse into adorable candy cane gifts for your little ones in this clever Christmas craft! Here’s how to do it…

Candy Cane Cuties

You need:

What you need

Your Pretty Kitten and Little Mouse templates
Felt in bright pink, pale pink, pale blue, black, white and brown
Fabric glue
Thread in pink, blue, black and brown
Candy canes

  • Print out and cut around your Pretty Kitten and Little Mouse templates.
  • Use the templates to cut out the two pink Pretty Kitten shapes from the pink felt and the two blue Little Mouse shapes from the pale blue felt.
  • Cut out two pairs of eyes from the black felt, plus a little brown nose and a little pink nose.
  • Also cut out two white cheeks and two pink ears for the mouse, and two pink heart-shaped ears for the kitten. If you like, cut out extra pink stripes for the kitten’s face.
  • Arrange all the little pieces for the faces on the head parts of the templates and use fabric glue to stick them in place.
  • Finish Pretty Kitten’s face by sewing on a little mouth and two eyelashes. Also sew a pink line to separate her front paws. Glue her head and body together.
  • Finish Little Mouse’s face by sewing on a little blue mouth and and black eyelashes, and gluing his head and body together.
  • Finally, cut two horizontal parallel slits, about 1.5 cm long, across the top of both bodies.
  • Slot a colourful candy cane through each slit so that the hooked ends make curly tails for Pretty Kitten and Little Mouse!

Give your Candy Cane Cuties to a special friend, attach them to presents or use them as placeholders at a Christmas party! You could even turn Pretty Kitty and Little Mouse into hanging ornaments! Aren’t they clever?

We hope you enjoy making this lovely Christmas craft! Look out for more lovely ideas soon. With love and magic dust from the Magic Belles in Bellevue xxx

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