Magic Make: Ice Cream Decorations

Ice-Cream Cone Decorations

Cupcake Belle is decorating her Christmas tree with all her favourite things this year – doughnuts, cupcakes, cookies and ice cream cones. Why don’t you do the same? These tasty looking Ice Cream Cone Decos will help make your tree sparkle for the whole holiday! Here’s how to make them…

Ice-Cream Cone Decorations

What you need

You need:
Brown and white paper
Sticky tape
Colourful tissue papers
White thread

  • Place the sticky tape roll on your white and brown sheets of paper and draw around it a few times, then cut out the circles.
  • Take a circle and cut it in half. Wrap the half-circle into a cone shape and stick it in place with glue. Do this with all your circles.
  • Cut two squares of different coloured tissue paper and roughly scrunch them into ball shapes to look like ice cream scoops.
  • Ask an adult to help you stitch through the middle of the two balls to hold them together and make a loop at the top. Make lots of double ice cream scoops to top your cones.
  • Fold up a bit of tape to make it double-sided and stick it inside a cone. Push the bottom tissue ‘scoop’ into the top of the cone to secure it in place.
  • Put a little glue on each cone and sprinkle on some glitter for extra Christmas sparkle!

Cute Cones on a Tree

You could also stick red mini pompoms on top of your Ice Cream Cones to make a cherry topping! Why don’t you use these cute decorations to decorate a mini Christmas tree that’s just for your room?

We hope you like Cupcake Belle‘s yummy idea for tree decorating! Have fun making them, with love and jingles from your fairy friends in Bellevue! xxx

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