Magic Make: Rainbow Mushrooms

Magical Rainbow Mushroom Decorations

Why not decorate your bedroom or your party with a magical woodland theme? Rainbow Belle’s pretty, multicoloured mushrooms make brilliant decorations! Here’s how to make them…

Rainbow Belle’s Rainbow Mushrooms

What you need

You need:

Felt in all colours of the rainbow, plus white and peach
Fabric glue
White thread
Cotton wool balls

  • On a piece of paper, draw a few mushroom caps in different sizes and shapes cut them out. Also draw and cut out a little mushroom stalk.
  • Use the caps as your templates to cut out your coloured felt. Cut out two pieces per mushroom in each felt colour.
  • Use your mushroom stalk template to cut out lots of stalks from the peach felt – you need two stalks per mushroom.
  • Cut out lots of little white cloud shapes from the white felt and also cut a length of ribbon for each mushroom you plan to make.
  • To make a Rainbow Mushroom, use fabric glue to stick a few little white cloud shapes to the front of one of the mushroom caps.
  • Begin sewing two mushroom cap pieces in matching colours together (ask an adult to help you). When you reach the top, fold a length of ribbon in half and place the two ends between the two caps. Sew the looped ribbon into the mushroom – this is how you’ll hang it up!
  • Sew all the way around the mushroom, leaving a gap at the bottom. Now stuff it with a little cotton wool to pad it out.
  • If you like, sew a few colourful lines along a mushroom stalk to decorate it.
  • Sew two stalk pieces together and stuff it with cotton wool, too.
  • To finish, place the top of the stalk in the gap at the bottom of the mushroom cap and sew them together.

A Little Mushroom Gift

Now your pretty Rainbow Mushroom Decoration is ready to hang up! Make lots more in all the colours of the rainbow! Instead of using the mushrooms as decorations, you could give one to each of your friends as a magical little fairy gift!

Love, rainbows and magic dust from your friends, the Magic Belles xxx

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