Magic Make: Heart Bookmarks

Love Belle’s Love Heart Bookmarks

One of Love Belle‘s favourite things is learning new songs to play on her pink heart-shaped guitar, but she sometimes loses her page! That’s why she decided to make some lovely heart-shaped bookmarks to match her guitar and help her find her favourite songs easily. She uses them when she’s reading, too.

Would you like to own a Heart Bookmark? They’re very easy to make and they’re great little gifts to give to your special friends. Here’s how to do it…

Personalise it!

Make Love Belle’s Heart Bookmark

You need:

Pink or red plain and patterned papers
Large and medium heart cookie cutters
Red lollipop sticks
PVA glue
Pink or red glittery alphabet stickers (optional)

Keep your page safe!

  • Choose which paper you want to use for the biggest heart in your bookmark, place the large heart cookie cutter on it and draw around it with a pencil.
  • Choose a different paper, place the medium heart cookie cutter on it and draw around that, too.
  • Cut out both hearts.
  • Brush the top quarter of a red lollipop stick with PVA glue and stick a large heart to it, making sure that the heart is centred on the stick.
  • Now brush the top half of the back of the medium heart with glue and stick it to the centre of the large heart.
  • If you like, personalise your bookmark by sticking a glittery letter sticker to the centre of the medium heart.
  • To use the bookmark, hook the unstuck bottom half of the medium heart over the page you need and you’ll easily find it next time you need it!

Why not make Love Belle‘s Heart Bookmarks with glittery initials for your friends? It’s a great way to spread a little love and friendship!

Have fun making them and don’t forget to show us how brilliant your bookmark is - just email them in for us to see! With love and magic dust from the Magic Belles in Bellevue xxx

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