Magic Make: Pretty Paper Star

Pretty Paper Star

Now that it’s getting dark later, Star Belle is feeling sad that you might be tucked up in bed before she has lit up the twinkling stars. So that you can see a bright and beautiful star all day long, she made this Pretty Paper Star for you to hang in your room. Would you like to make one, too? It’s a lot easier than it looks!

Fold the corners in

Make Star Belle’s Paper Star!

You need:

12 to 16 squares of coloured or origami paper

  • Fold your paper square in half, open it out, then fold it in half again the other way to find the centre of the paper. Now fold all four corners into the centre of the paper.
  • Make a thin diamond shape

  • Rotate the square to look like a diamond and fold the top edges down to meet in the middle - you’ll make a thin diamond shape.
  • Turn the thin diamond over (so that the two folded flaps are face down) and fold up the small triangle at the bottom. Now fold the whole triangle in half down the centre – the small triangle you just folded up should be on the outside. This is the first point of your star.
  • The first point of your star

  • Make another triangle in a different colour and slot the front of this triangle into the back of the first triangle.
  • Make more colourful triangles and keep slotting them together until you’re happy with how your star looks – 12 or 16 points work well.
  • Put your Pretty Paper Star on your bookshelf or hang it from the ceiling so you can always see a star, no matter what time of day it is!

Slot two triangles together

We hope you have fun making Star Belle‘s Pretty Paper Star! Why not make lots of them and use them for party decorations? Or make them with glittery paper for a twinkly finish? We’d love to see your Paper Stars - send us a photo and we’ll put it here for everyone to see!

Love and sparkly magic dust from Star Belle and her friends xxx

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