Magic Make: Origami Butterflies

Magical Monarch!

Hello friends! We hope you’re having a flutterly lovely week! We’re having a fab time in Bellevue, dancing around in Butterfly Belle‘s garden with her friends, the monarch butterflies.

Butterfly Belle loves monarch butterflies! They have beautiful orange and black wings and, during winter, they cuddle up together and cover whole trees! It’s a wonderful sight!

Best of all, monarch butterflies take an amazing journey every year, travelling many miles from Canada and the top of North America down to warmer, sunnier Mexico and California, where they spend winter. It’s a very long journey, so Butterfly Belle helps them on their way with a little magic dust!

We’ve loved dancing with monarch butterflies so much this week, we decided to make some of our own – from our pretty printed paper! Here’s how to do it…

Origami Butterflies

You need:

Our pretty butterfly printed paper!

  • Download our butterfly printed paper and place it patterned side facing down. Fold one top corner over so that it meets the bottom edge of the paper, to make a square. Trim away the long rectangle at the end.
  • Fold the paper in half again to make a triangle. Open it out again and, where the fold is, cut a slit from the pointy end to halfway up the triangle.
  • Now fold the left half of the triangle over to the right, but rather than using the crease that’s already there, make a new crease on the other side of this one, which is slightly diagonal.
  • Do the same again, folding the right wing to the left. This will make a little butterfly body. Pinch the fold that runs down the centre to make the body look better.
  • To finish, fold the triangle in half again (down the centre crease) and cut around the edge to make whatever butterfly wing shape you like!

We hope you have fun making our pretty butterflies. We’re going to have a little party and hang ours in the garden!

Love, magic dust and fluttery fun from the Magic Belles in Bellevue! xxx

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