Magic Make: Sunny Paper Pom-Poms

The Brightest Star In The Sky!

This week’s Special Wonder has been lighting up the sky all week – it’s the sun! But did you know that the sun is actually a star? Not just any star, but the closest star to Earth and the brightest in the sky!

The sun is amazing because it gives our plants and trees energy to grow, it gives us light so we can see what we’re doing and it keeps us warm, even on a cloudy day. The sun is a very important star indeed.

Guess which of the Magic Belles knows all about this Special Wonder? Star Belle, of course! It’s Star Belle‘s job to light up all the stars in the night sky, but because the sun is so very big and hot, she has help from a special friend… we’ll tell you all about her another time ;-)

Super Sunshine Pom-Pom!

So how would you like to have a little bit of sunshine hanging in your room, whatever the weather? You can if you make Star Belle‘s Sunshine Pom-Pom! Here’s how to make it…

Make A Sunshine Pom-Pom!

You need:

10 sheets of yellow tissue paper
Yellow cotton

  • Stack 10 sheets of yellow tissue paper together and make concertina-style folds along the longest edge of the paper.
  • Tightly tie yellow cotton around the middle of the paper. Leave one end of the cotton quite long – you’ll need it for hanging your Sunshine Pom-Pom later.
  • Ask your adult helper to carefully cut both ends of your folded tissue paper into points – long thin triangles work best.
  • Turn the folded tissue paper onto one side and gently tease out one sheet of tissue paper at a time, pulling it up and towards the middle.
  • Keep separating and fanning out each piece of tissue paper until it looks like a big puffy pom-pom!
  • When your pom-pom is ready, hang it up using the long end of yellow cotton.
  • You could even make a lovely string of mini Sunshine Pom-Poms - they look great at garden parties and really cheer up your room!


Mini Sunshine Pom-Poms

We hope you have great fun making Star Belle‘s Sunshine Pom-Pom. We’d love to see your pictures - please email them to us! Love and magic dust from the Magic Belles in Bellevue xxx

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