Printable: Autumn Leaf Bunting

Autumn Leaf Bunting

We love autumn leaves here in Bellevue – in fact, we think they’re a Special Wonder! All those wonderful colours have inspired us to make some Autumn Leaf Bunting. Download our free printable sheet to make your own to hang up for an autumn tea party! Here’s how to make it…

Autumn Leaf Bunting

What you need

You need:

Our free printable Autumn Leaves sheets
Coloured wool or garden string
Sticky tape

  • Print out our Autumn Leaves sheets and ask an adult to help you cut them out. You need roughly 10 leaves per strand.
  • Use the sticky tape to stick the backs of the leaves along a length of wool.
  • Make sure the leaves are evenly spaced and that different colours and shapes are next to each other.
  • Don’t cut the end of the string from the roll until you’ve taped all your leaves on – this makes it easier to work with.
  • Repeat until you’re happy with how many strands you have – we made five.
  • Stick them to a door frame or from the ceiling to make a magical woodland of falling leaves or hang them across the wall like classic bunting.

Pretty Autumn Leaves

Don’t they look lovely? There are two printable Autumn Leaves sheets – one in colour and one in black and white, so you can colour them in however you like! If you’re feeling creative, use your leaves to make pretty pictures or cards, and learn more about autumn leaves, too.

Have fun and, most of all, have a very happy autumn! With love from the Magic Belles in Bellevue xxx

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