Printable: Friendship Game

Love Belle's Friendship Game

Love Belle loves getting together with the rest of the Magic Belles to make magic music and play games. It’s such fun to play and in Bellevue we play a little every day! We…

  • Play in Rainbow Belle’s art studio, doing messy handprint paintings and exploring and making different colours.
  • Play in the kitchen of Cupcake Chalet, making cookie dough and building delicious cookie towers!
  • Play in Butterfly Belle‘s garden, pretending to be fluttery butterflies or buzzy bees.
  • Play ring-a-roses with Flower Belle in her garden - the falling down bit always makes everyone giggle.
  • Play naming the constellations in Star Belle‘s star-gazing dome – and making up our own funny star names.

Love Belle's Friendship Game

Love Belle likes to play so much, she’s made a sweet little Friendship Game for you – just print it out and follow the instructions to make it. Once you’ve made it, you can play!

Put your index fingers and thumbs inside each corner of the paper and ask your friend to pick a number. Open and close the paper counting up to the number your friend picked. Now ask them to choose their favourite picture from the four they can see. Open out the paper on that picture and read out a very special message from the Magic Belles!

Take it in turns to play this game with your friends so that everyone gets a special message. We hope you have good fun playing your Friendship Game this week – and playing lots of other things, too!

Love, fun and magic dust from the Magic Belles in Bellevue xxx

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