Printable: Fairy Bridge

Magic Belles Fairy Bridge

The magical fairy place of the Isle of Skye inspired us to make our very own fairy bridge for the Magic Belles! Make a cute, mini fairy bridge of your own and maybe the Belles will pop by for a party! Here’s how to make it…

What you need

Magic Belles Fairy Bridge

You need:

Printable bridge template
3 sheets of card: 1 white, 1 pink and 1 blue
Colourful craft lolly sticks
Sticky tape

  • Glue or print the bridge template onto white card to make it stronger and cut out the main shape.
  • Fold along the dotted lines at both curved ends and ask an adult to carefully cut out the two holes, making sure you keep the tabs.
  • Fold the two sides of the bridge up so that the bells are on the outside. Also fold up the white tabs on the other two sides of the bridge.
  • Download your bridge here

  • Draw a rectangle on your pink card – it should be the same width as the centre of your bridge and 14cm long.
  • Tape the two short ends of the pink rectangle to the white tabs on either side of the bridge base to make a curved footpath over the bridge.
  • Glue the colourful lolly sticks over the bridge and leave it to dry.
  • Place the bridge on top of a sheet of blue card. Use a pencil to mark the width of the mouth of the bridge.
  • Remove the bridge and, using your pencil marks as a guide, draw a wiggly river shape. Cut it out and place the bridge on top of the river.
  • Cut out the Bellevue sign from our printable bridge template, glue it to a lolly stick and stick it to the side of your Fairy Bridge with sticky tape.

Maybe you should make our Magic Belles Fairy House to go with our Fairy Bridge and very soon, you’ll have your own little Bellevue! The Magic Belles are sure to flutter by to visit!

We hope you have fun getting creative this week. Wishing you love and magic dust from the Magic Belles xxx

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