Printable: Pet Finger Puppets

Fluffy Friends Snuggling!

Do you have a cute pet or fluffy friend? This week’s Special Wonder is cute, cuddly animals!

Love Belle, who looks after hugs, kisses and cuddles, always spreads lots of love and magic dust to your furry little friends and all the animals in Bellevue, because nothing beats a snuggle with your pet bunny, a stroke of fluffy kitten fur or a tickle on the belly of a cute pup. Doesn’t it make you feel happy all over?

Printable Pet Finger Puppets

We love pets here in Bellevue and each Magic Belle has a special friend. Flower Belle has a little squirrel friend, Cupcake Belle has a tiny mouse and everybody loves bunny!

Because we love pets so much, we’ve made some Pet Finger Puppets for you, featuring squirrel, mouse and bunny! You can print them out, cut them out and play with them. You could even print them out with our Magic Belles paper doll Flutterbud Friends and make up a beautiful Bellevue story!

We’d love to see your finger puppet pictures or pics of your pets! Email them to us and we’ll post them here and send you a special colouring-in page to say thank you!

Don’t forget to give your pets a special cuddle today! Love and magic dust from the Magic Belles in Bellevue! xxx

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