Special Wonder: Busy Bumblebees

Hello Busy Bumblebee!

This week’s Wednesday Wonder is big, fat, buzzy bumblebees – good friends of Bellevue’s best little dancer, Butterfly Belle! She looks after all the cute little bugs in Bellevue, including honey bees, ladybirds and butterflies, of course! But Butterfly Belle loves nothing more than dancing around the garden with her busy, stripy bumble friends.

There’s a reason that bumblebees are called ‘busy’ - it’s because they’re one of the hardest-working bugs in the garden, collecting nectar and carrying pollen from flower to flower, which helps new flowers and fruits to grow. We need bumblebees so that we can have beautiful gardens – and the more flowers you plant, the more bees you’ll see!

There are lots of different species of bumblebee, but the ones you’ll see in your garden will probably have yellow stripes and fluffy white bottoms – you can find out more about them over at the Bumblebee Conservation Trust!

Love and fuzzy, buzzy bumbley cuddles from the Magic Belles in Bellevue xxx

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