Little Ladybirds!

Little Ladybird

Little Ladybird

Teeny, cute and colourful – little ladybirds are one of Butterfly Belle‘s favourite garden friends!

These little beetles live all over the world and, though we think of them as being red, you can also find cream, yellow, orange, black or brown ladybirds.

People used to think that counting a ladybird’s spots told you how old it was, but that isn’t true! There are many species of ladybirds with very different spots. Some have five, some have 24, and some even have stripes!

Butterfly Belle loves her ladybird friends because they eat the naughty aphids that munch up your garden goodies, like pretty flowers and yummy fruit.


Ladybird Pebble Pal

Make a Ladybird Pebble Pal!

You need:

A smooth pebble or stone
Red paint
Black paint
White paint
Glue and glue brush

  • Paint most of the ladybird red, leaving one end of the pebble blank.
  • Paint the blank end of the ladybird black and let it dry.
  • Dot two big white circles onto the black end of the ladybird to make its eyes and paint a little white smile.
  • Paint a black stripe down the middle of the ladybird’s back and black spots over its red wings.
  • When the white eyes are dry, dot two black pupils in the middle.

Why not make lots of Ladybird Pebble Pals and pop them in flower pots around your garden? If you varnish your pebbles, they’ll stay bright and shiny! Have fun x

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