Flutters featuring: Butterfly Belle

Butterfly Belle’s Fluttery Song

Butterfly Belle is Bellevue’s dainty dancing Belle! Her job is to look after all the teeny, tiny insects that do nature’s hard work and help keep your gardens happy … more

Magic Belles in Rainbow Fun!

Cupcake Belle and Butterfly Belle fans will be pleased to hear that these busy little fairies have fluttered onto the pages of a brand new magazine called Rainbow Fun … more

Wednesday Wonder: Pretty Painted Lady

Painted Ladies are one of the many beautiful butterflies that Butterfly Belle cares for in the garden. Here’s why she thinks they are flutterly lovely… Fun Facts The closed … more

Bright Butterfly Puppets

Our latest make is inspired by one of the very special little butterflies that Butterfly Belle looks after - the Meadow Brown. Why is it special? Because it’s one … more

Our friend Indy!

Nothing makes us happier than seeing your amazing pictures of special wonders and, today, we wanted to do a special post to thank our good friend Indy from Lanzarote … more

New Colouring Fun Pages!

We know how much you all love our printable Colouring Fun pages, so we’ve made another set for you! This time, they’re all about the Magic Belles special wonders … more

Magic Handbag Gift Boxes!

Would you like to give your mummy a special little gift this Mother’s Day? How about a sprinkle of magic dust? You can put it inside your very own … more

Sophie’s Butterfly Belle

How amazing is this picture of Butterfly Belle by Sophie? We’re jumping with joy to see it - what a fab little artist you are, Sophie! Butterfly Belle is … more

Bright Butterflies!

Wouldn’t it be lovely to see some bright butterflies fluttering around your garden right now? But it’s winter and most of the colourful butterflies are hiding away! Don’t worry … more

Autumn’s Wonderful Drawings

Our little friend Autumn, who’s aged 5 and from Inverness, made our day by sending in these beautiful drawings of her favourite special wonders. She couldn’t decide between Love, … more