Flutters featuring: Love Belle

Magic Make! Sweet Strawberry Pendant

Flower Belle has a flutterly lovely craft idea for you – print out our super cute paper strawberry and turn it into a pretty pendant! Why not give it … more

Wednesday Wonder! Valentine Verses

One of Love Belle’s favourite times of the year is Valentine’s Day, because she gets to tell her friends how much she loves them. One of the best ways … more

Magic Make: Love Belle’s Heart Bag

This cute felt bag is so easy to make and it looks just like the heart on Love Belle‘s pink dress! It’s perfect for storing little Valentine’s treats to … more

Cupcake Belle’s Chocolate Heart Cookies

Show someone special how much you love them with Cupcake Belle‘s yummy Chocolate Heart Cookies! They taste great on their own, or you can decorate them with pink strawberry-flavoured … more

Magic Make: Candy Cane Cuties

Learn how to turn the Magic Belles fluffy friends Pretty Kitten and Little Mouse into adorable candy cane gifts for your little ones in this clever Christmas craft! Here’s … more

Magic Make! Super Rain Shaker

Love Belle thinks that rain is a special wonder! She loves the musical sounds it makes, and you can find out more about it and get ideas for rainy … more

Wednesday Wonder! Musical Rain

Rainy days don’t have to spoil your fun – grab your mac, listen to the rain making music and try Love Belle’s fun splashy activities! We love a bit … more

Love Belle’s Lovely Poem

Thursday October 3 is National Poetry Day in the UK - one of Love Belle’s favourite days of the year. It’s when she likes to write new songs to … more

Wednesday Wonder! Brilliant Bunnies!

Have you met our Bellevue bunnies? Lovely Bunny is a great friend of Flower Belle and often hops over to visit Love Belle, who loves pets and is everyone’s … more

Priya’s Lovely Love Belle

We were absolutely over the moon to find this beautiful drawing of Love Belle in the latest issue of Easy Peazy magazine and just had to share it with … more