Flutters featuring: Flower Belle

Magic Make! Sweet Strawberry Pendant

Flower Belle has a flutterly lovely craft idea for you – print out our super cute paper strawberry and turn it into a pretty pendant! Why not give it … more

Magic Make! Mossy Terrarium

Make Flower Belle’s magical mossy mini world in a glass jar! Here’s how to do it. Make a Mossy Terrarium You need: Red craft foam Scissors Black felt-tip Clean, … more

Wednesday Wonder! Christmas Trees

A beautifully decorated tree is one of the most exciting things about Christmas! Flower Belle has some fun facts about them for you! Evergreen conifer trees such as pines, … more

Magda’s Fairy Village

Every now and then, we get a picture through the fairy postbox that makes us jingle so loudly with joy that the whole of Bellevue is filled with magical … more

Magic Make! Egg Box Garden

Making a magical mini garden couldn’t be easier! Follow Flower Belle’s simple steps to make your very own garden in an egg box, using super succulents! Make Flower Belle’s … more

Wednesday Wonder! Super Succulents!

Succulent plants are so pretty and they’re very easy to look after – they will help your garden look lovely all year round! Let Flower Belle share all her super … more

Wednesday Wonder! Orange Pumpkins

October is all about the colour orange (and not just the colour of autumn leaves), Flower Belle has the perfect orange wonder for you – pumpkins! They’re not just … more

Magic Belles Fairy Story!

We’re very excited to be in a new magazine called Fairies again! Not only are the Magic Belles on the cover, we have an wonderful bedtime story inside, just … more

Magic Make! Printable Posy

Do you want to show someone how much you love them? Why not make Flower Belle‘s lovely printable posy or a pretty flower card to give to them? Here’s … more

Magic Make! Pom-Pom Bunnies

Flower Belle’s friend Lovely Bunny is always so excited to see her – he loves to have someone to play with in the garden. His favourite game is hide and … more