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Magic Belles Christmas Magazine!

The Magic Belles are so excited to have their very own special 8-page activity book inside the new December issue of Rainbow Fun magazine! In it, you can do … more

Competition: Magic Belles Wall Stickers!

We’re offering one lucky winner a chance to brighten up their little one’s room with a set of six exclusive Magic Belles wall stickers – one for each character! Our … more

Rainbow Belle’s Happy Harmony

Rainbow Belles uses her Enchanted Paintbrush to paint bright and brilliant rainbows across the sky and she loves to fill the world with colour! She is Bellevue’s best artist … more

Halloween Colouring

All this week, the Magic Belles are dressing up for their Bellevue Halloween party - they can’t wait! They’ll be playing trick or treat, toasting marshmallows and decorating pumpkins, … more

Butterfly Belle’s Fluttery Song

Butterfly Belle is Bellevue’s dainty dancing Belle! Her job is to look after all the teeny, tiny insects that do nature’s hard work and help keep your gardens happy … more

New Animal Colouring!

We know you’re all brilliant little fairy artists and love colouring in, so we’ve added some new printable sheets to Colouring Fun! They’re all special animal friends of the … more

Cupcake Belle’s Sweet Song

Cupcake Belle is Bellevue’s baking queen! She loves to make the world a yummy place and, with a little sprinkle of magic dust, she fills Bellevue with the most … more

Magic Belles Console Game News!

What an exciting week in Bellevue! We are jingling with excitement to announce that next year, for the first time, you’ll be able to play Magic Belles console games … more

Star Belle’s Twinkly Song

Star Belle is Bellevue’s twinkliest fairy! Her job is to light up the all stars in the sky and she believes that a star is a wish waiting to … more

Super Star Belle Competition!

To celebrate this super star-gazing time of year, when the nights are darker and the stars are twinklier, Star Belle wanted to give you the chance to win a … more