Flutters featuring: Rainbow Belle

Magic Make: Rainbow Mushrooms

Why not give your Christmas tree a magical woodland theme this year? Rainbow Belle’s pretty, multicoloured mushrooms make brilliant decorations! Here’s how to make them… Rainbow Belle’s Rainbow Mushrooms … more

Magda’s Fairy Village

Every now and then, we get a picture through the fairy postbox that makes us jingle so loudly with joy that the whole of Bellevue is filled with magical … more

Rainbow Belle’s Happy Harmony

Rainbow Belles uses her Enchanted Paintbrush to paint bright and brilliant rainbows across the sky and she loves to fill the world with colour! She is Bellevue’s best artist … more

Rainbow Belle’s Pumpkin Rainbow

Rainbow Belle loves painting things in every colour of the rainbow - even pumpkins! This colourful, glittery project is perfect for little Belles who find Halloween a bit scary, … more

Edie’s Wonderful Rainbow Belle

We love Edie’s beautiful, colourful picture of Rainbow Belle - it made our day today. Just what we needed to make us jingle with joy! Rainbow Belle is going … more

Magic Make! No-Sew Pumpkin Patch

The Magic Belles are so excited about their big Bellevue Halloween party this week! They’ve got their costumes all ready and now they’re busy making decorations. They’ve already made … more

Magic Make! Painted Rainbow Pumpkin

Carving pumpkins can be tricky for little ones, but painting them is easy and lots of fun. Rainbow Belle has tried her hand at painting pumpkins before, but this … more

Magic Make! Magic Belles Fairy Bridge

The magical fairy place of the Isle of Skye inspired us to make our very own fairy bridge for the Magic Belles! Make a cute, mini fairy bridge of … more

New Animal Colouring!

We know you’re all brilliant little fairy artists and love colouring in, so we’ve added some new printable sheets to Colouring Fun! They’re all special animal friends of the … more

Magic Make! Autumn Leaf Bunting

We love autumn leaves here in Bellevue – in fact, we think they’re a Special Wonder! All those wonderful colours have inspired us to make some Autumn Leaf Bunting. Download … more