Flutters about: Bakes

Wednesday Wonder: Pancakes!

Yum yum! It’s Pancake Day next Tuesday and hip hip hooray… Cupcake Belle has been cooking up some delicious ideas for you! Pancake Day doesn’t happen all over the … more

Cupcake Belle’s Chocolate Heart Cookies

Show someone special how much you love them with Cupcake Belle‘s yummy Chocolate Heart Cookies! They taste great on their own, or you can decorate them with pink strawberry-flavoured … more

Magic Make: Marshmallow Pops

Do you love marshmallows? What about putting them on cake pop sticks and turning them into chocolate-dipped feasts? This is one of Cupcake Belle‘s favourite treats to make for … more

Cupcake Belle’s Apple Cake

In Bellevue, we’re celebrating harvest time and Apple Day with a big slice of sweet and delicious Apple Cake. We thought you might like to try it too – … more

Cupcake Belle’s Chocolate Lollipops

Yum! We’re celebrating Chocolate Week this week with Cupcake Belle‘s delicious and easy-to-make Chocolate Lollipops. These fab treats are perfect for parties, make great presents for your friends and … more

Cupcake a Day! Banana Toffee Treats

Phew! What a yummy week it has been! Cupcake Belle‘s kitchen at Cupcake Chalet has been filled with the delicious scents of her amazing cupcakes. The last recipe in … more

Cupcake a Day! Sweetie Surprise

Give your little ones the perfect sweet surprise with these fab cupcakes, which come from Cupcake Belle‘s Secret Recipe Book! Hide their favourite sweeties inside and serve them as … more

Cupcake a Day! Cut-Out Cuppies

Cupcake Belle is having a fun week in her kitchen! She’s still celebrating National Cupcake Week by baking her favourite recipes from her Secret Recipe Book – and she’s sharing … more

Cupcake a Day! Strawberry Hearts

Little ones love sweet strawberries, so these cute strawberry cupcakes topped with strawberry buttercream from Cupcake Belle‘s Secret Recipe Book should go down a treat! Put a heart-shaped strawberry … more

Cupcake a Day! Triple Choc Chip

Hooray! It’s National Cupcake Week and to celebrate Cupcake Belle is sharing her favourite recipes from her Secret Recipe Book with you – starting with these Triple Choc Chip … more